Mr. Ang Huat Keat, Partner, Advocate & Solicitor

Mr Ang was admitted to the Malaysian Bar on 20th August, 1998 and is a graduate from the University of Wolverhampton, England having obtained his LL.B. degree in 1997.

He has a wealth of experience in the Courts as Mr. Ang started in this field as a Court Interpreter in 1980 before he resigned from the Government service in 1997 to pursue and to achieve his ambition of becoming an advocate and solicitor of the High Court of Malaya.

Mr. Ang has picked up valuable knowledge and guidance under the ‘tutelage’ of Datuk V.C. George, nurturing and enhancing his knowledge and familiarity with the legal proceedings.

His years of service in the Courts at various levels have gained him enormous knowledge in the practical side of legal proceedings in the Courts. This practical knowledge is augmented by the LL.B. degree he has obtained.

Ms. Shamsinar Binti Dato'Mohamed Noor, Partner, Advocate & Solicitor

Shamsinar Binti Dato’ Mohamed Noor joins HK Ang & Partners as a partner on 1st September 2014. She was admitted to the Malaysian Bar in October 1993 and is a graduate with Diploma In Law in 1991, Advance Diploma In Law from MARA Institute Technology in 1992 and Diploma In Syariah Law and practice from International Islamic University in year 1994.

She specializes in:-

  1. Housing, commercial, industrial sales and purchase agreement
  2. Bank loan documents for housing, corporate, retail and commercial
  3. Joint venture agreement for development, market, manufacturing, research, distribution of products and trading
  4. Administration of estates i.e probate and letter of administration and distribution of estates in civil and syariah as well as under the small estates
  5. Conversant in trademark, patent and copyrights matters and handle registration of trademarks and patents

Our firm is supported by a year dedicated of laywers, secretarial and clerical staff.

Our firm is equipped with modern office equipment, computers and library to ensure the proper and speedy work flow to meet our clients' demand and monitor all matter efficiently throughout.

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